Coronavirus, go away!

I am contacting all of you to say hello and send you a lot of positive energy and health to your family, friends and colleagues. We are experiencing a unique global crisis and our lives are being altered in all areas. For this reason, now more than ever, I believe that we should be aware of difficult times we are all going through and we must help each other so that we can turn the page and back to the normality of our personal and professional relationships as soon as possible. For this reason we want to announce a pack of measures that we have taken in our studio:

  • We are staying home: we look for moments during the day to continue “tele-producing” beautiful prints 🙂
  • We will lower the price of our designs: we are aware that a hard stage of economic recovery will come and that many of you will also have difficulties to overcome it. For this reason, during this period, we are going to reduce the price of our prints. This is our small contribution.
  • We continue organizing collection passes online: we have been doing it for some time with clients who are far away or with whom due to scheduling reasons we cannot meet in person. It is a very practical, safe (now more than ever!) and very usefull method.

If you need, we can also chat for a while on any of the channels that are used now for this purpose. It will be a pleasure to hear from you, to share concerns and hopes for the new horizon that will open again once we overcome this difficult situation, which is putting all our economic and social structures to the test.

Take care and be safe, please !


Alicia Villodres

Head designer and Owner